No Private Problems

Eleanor Weber @ M.I., opening Feb 24

24 February 2016

Berlin’s M.I is hosting No Private Problems, a solo presentation by writer Eleanor Weber, which opens on February 24.

There is hardly any information to indicate what will be in the space and how the work will exist, although we are given dates for ‘voice sessions’ that span the gap between February and March.

M.I have been posting texts, small and long, throughout the Facebook event page, which reference Joan of Arc, gender pronouns, the abstract voice, sitting in a church, and a quote by Lacan: “only Saints are detached from the deepest of the common passions to avoid the aggressive reactions to charity”.

Weber recently performed in After The Eclipse V.

See the FB event page for (limited) details**

Image from M.I. FB event wall, No Private Problems (2016). Courtesy Eleanor Webber and M.I.
Image from M.I facebook event wall for No Private Problems (2016). Courtesy Eleanor Weber and M.I/mi1glissé, Berlin.
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