‘Night Fight’

In search of the perfect landscape: wandering voices in Lito Kattou’s Night Fight at Eleni Koroneou Gallery, Dec 1 – Jan 27

29 November 2017

Lito Kattou presents solo exhibition Night Fight at Athens’ Eleni Koroneou Gallery opening December 1 to January 27.

For her first solo show in the space, Kattou will present new works which “explore her fascination on the ontology of flatness and its potentiality to articulate volume, on different processes of embodiment and transfigurations of time and materials.” Gesture and materiality come together through metal ‘warriors’ made of aluminium, minerals, steel, textile and plastic.

The press release includes a text by the artist that muses on shady times, where bodies wander “in the pursuit of the perfect landscape” and the perpetual struggle of the concept of ‘perfect’ both sets us in motion and stasis.

Visit the Eleni Koroneou Gallery website for details.**

Lito Kattou, ‘Fighting with the Sun’ (2017). Performance view. Photo by Paul Maheke. Courtesy clearview ltd, London.
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