Nicolas Keppens


4 September 2011

The good thing about animation Festivals is the continuous discovery of new talents and their latest works.

Ben Gijsemans &¬† Nicolas Keppens newest piece brings an apparent vicious night game in the streets of Amsterdam… “The mysteries that emerge when the lights go dim and a new world takes over” perfectly capturing the mid- 20th century night atmosphere

The Belgian duo who also happen to be amazing illustrators (you should definitely check their pages) are currently studying at Gent’s KASK school, so if this was their bachelor’s animated film wait for what their preparing…

ink + charcoal + conté, image by Nicolas Keppens

Ben is now on his first Master’s year and his previous films clearly denote a passion for classical styles and surreal subjects. Unfortunately they’re not available on vimeo or youtube but they can all be streamed on his web.

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