Nicolas Deshayes

Crab Walk @ NGCA, Oct 29 – Feb 20

29 October 2015

The Crab Walk group exhibition is on at Sunderland’s Northern Gallery for Contemporary (NGCA), opening October 29 and running to February 20, 2016.

The show is curated by Ned McConnell and George Vasey and aims to present a variety of curatorial methods and historiographical approaches to space and place. Plymouth’s KARST hosted the original incarnation of the show, but in line with a polyphonic approach to history, this iteration contains new artists and commissions, alongside  a brand new title.

New work as part of Crab Walk will draw on a range of media, including sculpture, audio, film and painting in conversation with Kazimir Malevich’s ‘Black Square‘ (1915). The tension between object and image, place and history will inform the works on show.

The list of featured artists includes Nicolas Deshayes, Alex Dordoy, Jennifer Douglas, Patrick Hough, Philomene Pirecki, Marie Toseland, Sally Troughton, Rosalind McLachlan and design work by Tom Merrell.

See the NGCA event page for details.**

Philomene Pirecki works @ In the Wake (2015. Installation view. Courtesy Truth and Consequences.
Philomene Pirecki works @ In the Wake (2014). Installation view. Courtesy Truth and Consequences.
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Candice Jacobs @ Project/Number, Sep 26 – Oct 9

25 September 2014

Artist Candice Jacobs is settling into Project/Number for her latest solo exhibition, INHALE, running at the London space from September 26 to October 9.

The British artist is uses a wide range of media in her work, which more often than not explores wealth, utility, and power through the simulation of language. INHALE comes as just the first part of a bigger project that will continue as EXHALE at Liverpool’s Cactus later this year, and as part of her exhibition at Project/Number, Jacobs made a publication featuring a discussion with philosopher and The Last Night writer Federico Campagna, done in collaboration with TripleOG.

Running alongside Jacobs’s INHALE is L/B/16, a light box commission by Nicolas Deshayes which will be switched on on September 26 and left running throughout the exhibition.

See Facebook event page for details or visit the INHALE / EXHALE website for the experience. **


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Geographies of Contamination @ DRAF, Jan 30 – Mar 29

30 January 2014

London gallery David Roberts Art Foundation (DRAF) is presenting group exhibition Geographies of Contamination, running January 30 to March 29.

Featuring Neil Beloufa, Nicolas DeshayesRenaud Jerez, Marlie Mul, Magali Reus and Michael E. Smith, plus others, and curated by the gallery director Vincent Honoré, along with curators and art writers Laura McLean-Ferris and Alexander Scrimgeour, the event explores the idea of “slippages and spillages, disruption and contamination” through sculpture, film and installation.

Following a growing and dynamic discourse in contemporary art around pollution and a general collapse in systems and processes, Geographies of Contamination presents works by ten artists, all premiering in London and spanning synthetic and organic matter, generating an unsettling cross-section of our modern condition.

See the DRAF website for details. **

Header image: Marlie Mul, ‘Puddle (Daub)’ (2013). Image courtesy David Roberts collection, London.

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