Nicolai Troshinsky


10 September 2012

We’re already supporting 2 projects this month (Molecule Synth just got funded) and we were on our way to talk you about the incredible super-orgasmic Authorised DEVO Synth when we found out about Nicolai Troshinsky‘s new project: Astigmatismo.

Our Loop Raccord genius  is back to creation with this stop-motion short which he’s trying to get crowdfunded via his own dedicated page. As you may well have imagined “Astigmatismo” tells the story of a little boy who suffers from astigmatism, and having lost his glasses, he can only see one thing in focus at a time… An unfortunate event that should be experimented by the viewer himself, but how…?

Nicolai is using a constant blur effect on the piece, so that we can only see in focus very tiny space. The focus point travels in synchronization with the sound and the music, allowing us to explore a constantly changing landscape.

Astigmatismo's Set
Astigmatismo’s Set

Furthermore, Nicolai claims that in order to recreate the character’s isolation feeling, the music, sound effects, character and background designs were made before there was a script, by authors who did not know each other, who were not in contact and who had no access to the work of the others  (music & sounds by Shogun Kunitoki and Pierre Sauze, backgrounds by Cecilia Ramieri and some gorgeous character design by Gina Thorstensen). “They didn’t know how their work would fit in the film. Not even the filmmaker knew exactly what will happen on the screen”.

 Quite a challenging work, so we think it deserves some attention and help. More info on the project website.

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