‘Narrative Devices’

Project Native Informant present DIS + Babak Radboy’s Narrative Devices at Art Basel Hong Kong, Mar 21 -25

23 March 2017

Project Native Informant is presenting DIS and Babak Radboy‘s Narrative Devices at Art Basel Hong Kong, opening March 21 and running to March 25.

The exhibition consists of four videos, each a mini-narrative that reflects on the present; a time that feels ‘incomprehensible’ and ‘unknowable’ to the artists. Co-produced by Iconoclast, the videos feature a glass sculpture in the shape of a phone made by Tilman Hornig, where sentences such as “Imagine a government that serves the people” and “Now imagine the people are assholes” roll across the screen.

Reminiscent of corporate aesthetics, the installation explores the ability to re-imagine your own contemporary, and suggests “fantasy is more influential and effective than reality.”

See the Project Native Informant website for details.**

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