Museum of Me

Museum of Me

10 June 2011

These Intel guys…. when they’re not partnering with D&C, they’re organizing something with Vice, or Jotta, or…. whichever digital artist. Just like Google they’re new kings of data-visualization projects and their latest hit is the “Museum of Me“…

It’s just another data aggregation page making your facebook friend network & key info look great on virtual museum “of your very own”. We’ve seen 43564356 examples of this using twitter’s APIs, but still, it’s another 3 great minutes of useless but beautiful wowing aiming to convince you how powerful and “oh so extraordinary” Intel’s processors are.

So…. you got the message? Will you consider an ix Intel processor the next time you buy a laptop or a Tablet? (even if for these Intel is still out of the market itself).

This way pipol! (thanks Izmir)

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