Les petites anecdotes

16 November 2012

New little personal comic-blog from French illustrator Kim Roselier who on top of illustrating or animating ads for local opticians or French publishers finds the time to give us enjoyable illustrated projects like this one.

L'aureole de vomis
L’aureole de vomis

If a couple of years ago we saw him unmasking that gay “lascard” called momosexuel Kim is opening this time a much more personal but just as funny diary about his peculiar adventures (anecdotes) and those of his mates… reinforcing our idea that Frenchies are amongst the craziest beings on earth.

The whole lot in French but many of the strips are understandable without reading the text, more this way.

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13 June 2010

“I think I’ve got fever – What? It’s the 5th time this week”. Since he was a kid Momo already showed his preferences… although his parent didn’t quite like it. A great webcomic about a gay French from the always “hot” Parisian suburbs.

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