Moist Forever

Amalia Ulman @ Future Gallery

7 June 2013

“Does an illusion of constant activity make me think of my life as something more valuable, more interesting?

Amalia Ulman certainly has a way with words and she interrogates social structures and human interaction in some of the most tenderly melancholic language imaginable. For ‘Moist Forever’, her solo exhibition, opening at Berlin’s Future Gallery  on Saturday, June 8, and running from June 13 to July 6, follows the incessant noise of modern living and its ultimate vapidity through a synopsis of literary art and first person narrative:

Simultaneously we have the expression of frailty and of resilience, life before the incident and life after. Yet the object is not the same. In its rebirth it assumes a new identity that incorporates yet transcends the previous identity. Like the cycle of reincarnation, one life draws to a close and another begins.

See the Future Gallery website for more details. **

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