Papo y Yo

15 May 2012

Days, weeks… hopefully not months… June sounds like an ideal release date… but nothing is officially official as of today. We’re genuinely excited for the upcoming PSN game which was originally announced at last year’s E3. Since then it hasn’t stopped receiving attention and global recognition for its surreal puzzle approach.

Unfortunately as many other PSN-funded games those not having Sony’s console may never experience the playfulness, storytelling and depth of the game, the fears, dreams and fascinating world the main character moves through. With a heavy autobiographical component “Papo & Me” takes a South American kid from the slums, Quico, through a foldable labyrinth of favelas, mountains and endless obstacles.

Throughout the journey Quico will be helped by his two friends… Lula the robot and a pink “Monster” (the game creator’s father representation) playing in a constantly-malleable scenario, resizing the character’s own hometown by transporting buildings,   interacting with unconceivable gears and manipulating whatever is necessary.

Papo y yo screen
Papo y yo screen

A first for Minority, the Montreal-based studio  founded by ex-EA design director Vander Caballero who will surely make of P&Y one of the most anticipated games of the indie scene this year. So while we wait, we may as well follow what Vander tells us about the game on his developer video diary.

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