Girls Like Us #7 @ Minibar Stockholm, Dec 9

9 December 2015

Culture magazine Girls Like Us finally lands in Stockholm with its seventh issue, themed ‘BODY’, launching at Minibar Stockholm on December 9.

The new issue features interviews with the artist K8 Hardy, cinematographer Babette Mangolte, artist and writer Louwrien Wijers, filmmaker Mariah Garnett, essays by Derica Shields and Crystal Campbell, and various Q&As with healers, herbalists and witches.

The launch event comes with a whole evening of programming, including the screening of Mariah Garnett’s ‘Picaresques’ (2011) at 18:30, Francine Agbodjalou reading the essay ‘Bodied’ by Derica Shields at 20:00, and Vaska Fimpen playing songs on the theme ‘Sad Pony / Hot Legs’.

See the magazine website for details. **

Mariah Garnett, 'Picaresques' (2011). Video still.
Mariah Garnett, ‘Picaresques’ (2011). Video still.
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Eva Löfdahl + Sean Raspet @ Minibar, Aug 20 – Sep 26

18 August 2015

Stockholm’s Minibar opens a new exhibition titled Arche Apeiron, with works by Eva Löfdahl and Sean Raspet, running from August 22 to September 26 with an opening reception of August 20.

The exhibition is described as “an attempt to lay the groundwork for something to arch over, and into, several mediums”, and patterns, repetitions, evolutions seem to be the abstract and thematic focus of Arche Apeiron.

Trajectories, geometric timelines that interlace, colliding in their extemporaneous frequencies” are what Löfdahl (“a perennial universe that fluctuates, morphs, unravels, and revises”) and Raspet (whose “formulations and deformulations – creations out of the intersections of process, coagulation, and chemical composition – orbit the point where science takes on the tonality of language”) take as their focus.

See the exhibition page for details. **

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6th Sense @ Minibar, Jan 15 – Feb 7

15 January 2015

Minibar will be hosting the 6th Sense group show at their Stockholm space, running from January 15 to February 7.

The Swedish artist space is bringing a handful of international artists together for the group show, curated by Anna Sagström and Matilda Tjäder of Sternberg Press. Contributing to 6th Sense are US artists Joel Dean and Michael Guidetti, Sweden’s Jenny Kalliokulju, Russia’s Sasha Litvintseva, and Sweden/US’s Sydney Shen working collaboratively with Sagström herself.

The show will also be accompanied by the release of a pamphlet which include texts by another slew of artist-writers, including Sydney Beaumont, Sean Fabi, Nora N. Khan, Ryan Kuo, Josh Minkus as well as contributing artist Kalliokulju.

See the Minibar exhibition page for details. **


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