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Flight Simulator goes beta

2 December 2011

One of the best simulators of all times has been Microsoft’s Flight, since 1982 when M$ started to port the simulator to IBM computers (although originally released a couple of years earlier for the Apple II) up to 2006 when the developing team was shut down and the last version was released (X), Flight simulator had always represented the best way for ordinary pc users like us to pretend we’re pilots.

better cities? will it crash?
better cities in "Flight"? will it crash?

When the project was discounted lovers and fans cried extensively…. but since it was announced last year hope came back to our lives. Hope, and a few airbuses, boeings, pipers and bombardiers. We’ve noticed how M$ kept releasing teasers, videos and new screencaptures of their forthcoming “Microsoft Flight” on their website. Now it’s beta time!

Spending hours looking down....
Spending hours looking down....

Microsoft just started taking beta tester applications for “Flight” starting … yesterday! ¬†Microsoft Flight Beta is scheduled to kick-off in January 2012 so they opened the holy doors for testers yesterday on their website, you can either user Msoft Connect to join or email them to, be quick though… you know how fast these things move.

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