Funding friends of friends of friends on Kickstarter

25 August 2011

Jason Eppink just came up with one of the best Kickstarter campaigns ever launched…. A Kickstarter Project to Raise Money for Other Kickstarter Projects. And he is totally right, if so many cool people are working on so many cool projects and everyone’s money goes to other people’s projects…. where does the money actually come from?

From suckers like us!

Maybe we should all start a Kickstarter campaign! Or if not, a Kickbackstarter just like Jason who has created an identical page  to that of an ordinary KS project because apparently his idea was rejected by the KS guys even when framed as “performance art” (booooo).

KickStarter is an amazing service but it’s true that keeping track of the hundreds of projects initiated each week (day) and filtering, selecting and backing a few becomes a hard task even for us, addict users. They should have Jason post his “project”… we’ve seen far less imaginative and more ridiculous ones, but we would probably have done the same if he had succeeded lol.

In any case Jason is actually raising $$ through Paypal and says he will be forwarding them to actual Kickstarter projects….mmmm we won’t try and have that phone conversation with him… but he’s quite right about a few facts.

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