Night Works – ‘Long Forgotten Boy’

8 February 2013

Ex-Metronomy man Gabriel Stebbing has his album under his Night Works moniker coming out via Loose Lips on March 4. This will be the solo debut from Stebbing since leave the Mercury Prize nominated band in 2009 and, although a looser, more ambient listen it’s still steeped in the rhythmic compositions Metronomy, by virtue of its very name, was founded on. The last of three Daniel Brereton-directed films for Night Works, ‘Long Forgotten Boy’ sees Stebbing galavanting across areas of London and Paris -a perfect summation of what aqnb is all about. **

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The Look

23 March 2011

English Riviera is also around the corner (April 11th) … so to keep the “momentum” as corporate guys would say, and just after “She Looks“, Joseph Mount and his band just released a video for their second single (directed by Lorenzo Fonda) which has been floating on the Internet for month now.

And with a quick search on Soundcloud you’ll be able to listen to many other of the coming tracks… you better like pop…

Metronomy – The Bay by PeaceBlind

Metronomy – Corinne by PeaceBlind

Metronomy – Love Underlined by VeeAre

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