Merike Kjaergaard

Believe EP

8 March 2012

The Swedish trio we got to know just over a year ago via that new born label Cascine have finally released their long-awaited debut EP “Believe”. It is (at least for us) Cascine’s most anticipated release for this first half of the year (many more surprises will come …)…

World Tour - Believe EP cover
World Tour - Believe EP cover

 “Bod and imaginative”? well, we can argue about that, but the always magic & areal pop sounds only Swedish could produce remind us of the best Avner or Lekman with a Balearic twist. Released next April 10th the 4 new tracks promise an invaluable trip to Felix, Tobias & Merike’s own cold paradise. Thank goodness Believe can keep us warm for the next 4 weeks…

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