matias aguayo

Super Vato

25 October 2011

Look who just released his very own album! Villalobos’ best friend Rebolledo! Also known as.. the other big latin lover having conquered the cold Germanophonic minimal sounds kingdom of Kompakt.

Mauricio just released his debut album under Kompakt’s South American sister label Cómeme, a fine exercise of dirty simplicity (this is Kompakt we’re talking about … but with a latin twist) and invited stars… Superpitcher, Aguayo… a crazy look into the past but with the eccentric sounds of the Aguayo school. His best pupil and new master is Mexican…and he loves dirty sexy swings, just like his album suggests.

The good thing is that Kompakt are kind enough to allow anyone to embed their player to fully stream “Super Vato”… the bad thing is that they’ve tried so hart to reproduce the Vinyl experience that the sound volume keeps going up & down… so we decided to go for Cómeme’s own player 😉

Super Vato by cómeme

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Music: Rollerskate

10 March 2010

We’ve heard so many times this one. We even have it as our mobile ringtone! Unfortunately this video directed by Trevor Jackson is quite deceiving to be honest…. so many months for this? We guess is kind of matching Matias Aguayo‘s continuous samplified sounds.

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31 December 2009

Kompakt know that minimal won´t last forever, that´s why their making evolve the label into something more complex & less “purefromCologne”. Rebolledo is one of those new “sounds” coming from México and part of that Latin American family of artists called “Cómeme” (founded by big Matias Aguayo).

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