1 November 2011

HTML5 has been the next best thing for the past 3 years, and will keep being the next best web standard until it’s fully developed & integrated by all web browser developers (ejem M$ ejem), until developers truly understand the potential of webapps and the ecosystem truly flourishes (although with OS maker’s opposition and device manufacturer’s challenges it’s nowhere near).

In the meanwhile Google, Mozilla & co can keep demonstrating the wonders of 3D graphics, Canvas, multimedia management and performance as much as they can. It is needed though. One of those masters of joining art + technology is Alexander Chen, a creative from Google Labs (and not the Chinese master of hyper realism…).

You could think of him as a “technologist” (which is so used these days) although he is more like a musician with a passion for web technology. Since recording his first album back in 2004 he hasn’t stopped creating and probably you may remember his “Conductor” NY-subway work which became so popular earlier on this year…

All of this to talk you about his latest contribution: which as you’ll experience is a nice attempt at visualizing the first Prelude from Bach’s Cello Suites using a set of strings and4  orbiting nodes that rotate like a music box. To do so Alexander (which everything has to be said… developed the idea while a resident at NY’s Eyebeam center) went for some Pythagorean tuning calculation to calibrate string lengths prior to the Javascript and HTML5 coding. Easy peasy right?

Full explanation on his blog, and while visiting go on and have a look at his prior works.… oh and you should know all this is a massive conspiracy against Internet Explorer… poor them.

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