Martin O’Brien

Oreet Ashery @ Deptford Cinema, Jul 7

5 July 2016

Oreet Ashery will present a screening of online series, ‘Revisiting Genesis‘ followed by a Q&A at Deptford Cinema on July 7.

The London-based artist has written and directed the twelve-part video series that launched April 13 and last month came to an end with final episode, ‘Prayer/ Aerialist’. The narrative, which incorporates music, interviews that lie somewhere between the scripted and the real, along with various recurring characters has unfolded over the weeks. It explores issues around withdrawal, digital dying, afterlife and the ephemeral legacy of some artists in relation to a more physical and traditional form of remembrance.

For the Q&A, Ashery will be joined by researcher and artist Vanda Playford who plays Nurse Jackie in the series, and artist Martin O’Brien, who plays the character Bambi in a plot line that runs parallel to that of Genesis, the work’s protagonist and “an artist who is dying symbolically and otherwise”.

Also being screened on the evening is a film by David Louton called ‘Echo Chambers’ (2016).

See the Deptford Cinema website for more details.**

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