Maria Pasenau

Between the aspiring + the art market: a conscious present of EARLY WORKS group show at New Galerie

31 October 2017

The EARLY WORKS group show event at Paris’ New Galerie is on for one night only on November 2.

Curated by Elise By Olsen, the event focuses on the concept of early works/early stages in the careers of ten emerging artists, who are Adrian Hidalgo, Adriana Ramić, Dozie Kanu, Ethan Assouline, Maria Pasenau, Matias Kiil, Niklas Binzberger, Shana Sadeghi-RayTabita Rezaire and Thor Tao Hansen.

The exhibition is an attempt to represent ‘a democratic, transparent and conscious present’ rather than through a nostalgic lens of an artists’ pre-success being one of naive, less formed or mature practice. Focusing on “the important period of transitioning from being an aspiring artist to fitting into the forces of the art market and its systems,” the show will bring together a number of disciplines and media, as well as an accompanying online interview series with the artists.

Visit the FB event page for details.**

Tabita Rezaire, ‘Peaceful Warrior’ (2015). Courtesy of UTTER Collective, Venice.
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