Margaret Noble

44th and Landis Performance

5 January 2013

Transmedia artist and big lover of toy music boxes, turntables and other nice plasticy things Margaret Noble recently uploaded on-line a few visual elements of her latest performance @ The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego…. “44th and Landis“, a mix between a 19th century storyteller and a modern electronica live performance…

Described as a highly gestural performance which “creates an experimental narrative that blurs the lines between two critical time periods: the 1980s urban culture and the Victorian era”, Margaret keeps mixing, like in many of her previous works, our childhood most beloved toys and many other found objects¬†together with her own synths for another trip into fantasia.

From 44th and Landis Performance (Image via Margaret Noble)
From 44th and Landis Performance (Image via Margaret Noble)

Many more images and also most of her highly recommended artworks can be seen on her website.

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