Marcela teran

Start Questioning

26 August 2011

While digging through this year’s Goldsmiths’ Graduate works I came across that of Marcela Teran: “Start Questioning“, a project that goes way beyond her tangible Personal Support Toolkits trying to question our modern lifestyles; but these kits look so much fun!


The project seeks to open up discussions about the normalization of lifestyles, looking at examples from people currently engaging in changes, aiming to develop means to give support, convey and promote questioning initiatives, recognizing the importance of taking agency over personal choices to meet our values…. can you give tomato seeds for free without being chased by the police?

One kit for appreciation, one for resourcefulness, one for compassion and a last one for freedom…

compassion kit

… do we consider the impact of the food we eat, the clothes we wear? are we living freely? do we take our resources for granted? Questions we should ask ourselves pretty much every day … but we simply don’t.

These kits look like a great idea to start conversations and generate discussions … maybe they’re not marketable, but could easily be used in workshops & educational fields. More info & pics / videos on Marcela’s blog.

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