24 October 2011

You’ve got games… and games. And from that amazing list of Indiecade Finalists (even if we’ve known the winners and Fez’s supremacy for nearly a month now) there’s one we’re particularly fond of… “Way“.

CoCo&Co (Constructive Communication & Collaboration) is a group of 6 American developers who submitted their collaborative puzzle adventure to IndieCade this year, and despite not grabbing any of the awards (Polytron grabbed them all!!) their game is one of those short but flavory stories.

You’ll have to communicate with one another anonymous player via gestures in order to move to the next level. You’re forced to cooperate and the fact that only gestures are allowed to tell one-another the way to go makes it even more challenging.

End screen for Way
End screen for Way

Although at the very end you get a wall were to tag & express your anger (if the player is too slow like I was lol) or your gratitude. It’s only 101mb and you get a windows & a Mac version so give it a go right now! You won’t have to wait too much time until another player connects and it barely lasts 15min (if you’re too bad like me).

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