‘Love’s Hidden Symmetry’

Paul Simon Richards @ AND/OR, Jul 23 – Aug 20

20 July 2016

Paul Simon Richards is presenting solo exhibition Love’s Hidden Symmetry at London’s ANDOR gallery, opening July 23 running through August 20.

The artist, who’s recent show at London’s Arcade aqnb reviewed here, presents a large-scale video project done over the course of several months. Working with a group of actors in an intense collaboration, the work is semi-structured and improvisational. It focuses on the “intricate flows of power within a friendship group” with “each character’s experience unfolding in both remembered and imagined events”.

Meanwhile, a multi-channel video installation presents a “deterioration of the chronological passing of time through a landscape of melodramatic relationships”.

See the AND/OR gallery website for more details.**

Paul Simon Richards, ‘Love’s Hidden Mystery (trailer)’ (2016). Video. Courtesy the artist.

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