Little Big Books

Little Big Books

4 December 2012

Some books shouldn’t be cataloged as children’s books. This is the case of Little Big Books, some sort of compilation with some of the best contemporary children book illustrators… but what some editors don’t understand is that usually it appeals elders just as much (they are the purchase decision makers after all).

Little Big Books side (image via Gestalten)
Little Big Books side (image via Gestalten)

Gestalten’s latest jewel is willing to vindicate the picture book as a “key element of the cultural fabric of any society”. They are way too right. Upon some of our recent interviews with generation Y artists we repeatedly ask the artists about their point of view on the younger hyper-connected generations who didn’t know what it was like before the Internet. Will they ever appreciate what an illustration book is without coming back to the home screen?

And the thing is that books like LBB are still very appealing to everyone.

LBB is a book about books, about children’s books, their makers, authors, writers… and their readers. “LBB includes interviews with experts about the educational aspects, make-up, and psychology of children’s picture books as well as the significance of children’s book awards and practical advice on publishing rights and licensing”.

LittleBigBooks Page 2 (image via Gestalten)
Little Big Books Page 2 (image via Gestalten)

Certainly not your average children illustration book… and that’s translated within the price (39€), but you’ll have to admit that a compilation of such captivating artists is not that usual either. More info & illustrations this way.

LittleBigBooks Page 1 (image via Gestalten)
LBB Page 1 (image via Gestalten)
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