Leo Bridle

Olympic Vermin

24 July 2012

The Olympic torch was passing by Richmond road just a few hours ago… and well.. there were some people applauding it… but not many. London may be organising the fanciest and most technological games in human history but Boris & co can’t deny that many Londoners, especially Hackney neighbors, aren’t welcoming or supporting the event.

And like many other artists Leo & Amaël have their own vision of the London Olympic paradigma… so they just uploaded what they think is London’s vermin own ambition. London is also famous for the number of rats its underground hides… so it shouldn’t be a surprise if they’re more comprehensive & supportive than the average Brit.

olympic vermin still (photo via Beakus)
olympic vermin still (photo via Beakus)

Co-directed and animated by BeakusAmaël Isnard and Leo Bridle, the short was shot around London, sometimes from the top of a 5-metre pole, and featuring an array of messed-up animated vermin, the film pokes fun at the Olympics and it’s so-called ‘inclusivity’ dogma.

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