Escape Plan demo

30 December 2011

With recent news pointing out a sharp decline in PS Vita sales numbers in Japan in recent weeks …. and even if it’s too early to judge (take into account is not even available worldwide until late Feb) Sony’s new portable gaming & killing machine needs less shooters or uncharted and more “casual” puzzle & indie adventures to win the casual gamer market, something Nintendo understood many years ago.

Escape Plan” (developed by funbits) was unveiled last summer as a puzzle adventure taking advantage of Vita’s multitouch display, rear touch panel and gestural swipe interfaces adding a dark Limbo look&feel. And even if we’ve already seen a few demos on Youtube, Brian Crecente from Kotaku makes it look realistically fun… even for those of us who are crap with touch-based controls.

Basicallly you’ll have to guide Lil and Laarg to survive a perilous labyrinth of puzzles and booby traps… not only with the screen and rear touch pad but also by blowing into the microphone … and a few other tricks. No idea if Escape Plan will be available for other platforms (apparently not), so maybe you’ll never get to play it… unless buying an expensive Vita of course.

Escape Plan game still
Escape Plan game still
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