La Cambre

Le Voyageur

22 November 2012

Belgian animation school La Cambre have been uploading some of their students’ works lately and we always welcome the unlocking and uploading of shelved stories that otherwise we wouldn’t probably see. Like Johan Pollefoort’s Le Voyageur which won Krog festival animation prize back in 2007 as well as a few other awards and mentions (Anima, Annecy..).

Le Voyageur is Johan’s personal adaptation of Charles Baudelaire’s “Voyage” poem, willing to condense in 6 minutes without dialogues the adventures of a young African girl who after leaving her own village and continent will have to face new horizons, jumping from owner to owner like a doll.

Quite interested in the way we relate with death and its iconography, Johan experimented with macabre dances in his latest film “Bal des Pendus” which also received quite a few good critiques when it was presented a couple of years ago and that we’re still awaiting its full on-line release…

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11 July 2011

If a couple of weeks ago we were thinking about realistic Matrix-style roof jumps, today we’ll dive into the fantastic world of behavioral biology. You know… how animals (including us) behave in their natural habitat.

Because Pascal Giraud is not only Julien Regnard‘s close friend who co-directed “La Nuit de l’Ours” with but possibly one of this year’s La Cambre best animation cinema graduates. And he just happened to post his latest project a couple of weeks ago.

A project we have to inevitably compare with another crazy “biological” animated documentary … (remember Carsi’s Doomed?) and that we also hope to see on our local channel very soon.

Pascal’s objective is to make a tv series which deals with the biological basis of our behaviour and helps us to understand thanks to his animations. The idea apparently came from reading the books from French biologist   Pr.Henri Laborit and after working with his friend  Jonhattan Fayard (who recently graduated from  Cognitive Sciences in France) they’ve both gone for this scientific series.

Each episode should talk take their little laboratory rat (an egg in this case) to a series of experiments. We’ll keep you informed.

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1 July 2011

We don’t talk much about Belgian animation (mayb too much about French, Brit & Spaniard…) but we’ve heard about La Cambre before, and it’s always nice to see recent-graduate’s work. Julien Regnard just uploaded his latest works to his vimeo account; and it seems like Neo was a bit of a parkour wannabe… he just didn’t “study & drink enough milk”, that’s the secret!

His previous “La Nuit de l’Ours” which he created with Pascal Giraud & Alexis Fradier grabbed quite a lot of attention this year not only being part of Annecy’s official selection but winning Anima’s best short film award or “Court Mais Bon” Jury award.

His water-colour & paint on glass aesthetics (using many times the French software TVpaint) are key for these results, and we really hope to see more. Much more.

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