Konrad Bajtyngier


3 July 2011

I guess we’re supporting / proposing too many projects this week (retrofit, open photo..) but Tinkatolli is not just another kids-oriented social-gaming platform with cute characters Sackboy&Sackgirl style (even if there’s an obvious inspiration from Media Molecule’s PS3 hit).

the TinkaMaker, always key for a rich-character game

So what makes Tinkatolli somehow different?

What Kevin, Pennie, Luke & Konrad have been developing for the past few years is yet another virtual world for kids. A world inhabited by the Tinkas, small creatures who are passionate about giving a new use to all the rubbish that gets to their island.

For many years now, the Tinkas have been finding treasures on the shores of Tinkatolli. It started longer ago than any Tinka can remember when an old cork rode in on a wave and came to rest in the sand. The very next day, a lid to an old jam jar floated up and settled in the mud. The Tinkas had never seen such things before, so they didn’t know that the cork was a cork or the lid was a lid. But what they did know (because every Tinka knows this) is that, with a little imagination, almost anything can be made into something. And so, it didn’t take long at all for the clever Tinkas to turn the cork and the jam jar lid into a funky little Tinka-table.

The problem for the Tinkas is that they’re getting far too much junk that they can actually transform or process and here’s where the kids arrive. They’ll be encouraged to use their imagination and just like the Tinkas try and turn waste into useful objects.

The best part of the game (and why we’re posting about it) is that kids are constantly encouraged and reminded  to get up and leave the computer, because staying 3-4 hours in front of your PC or gaming console can’t just be beneficial. Make, Think, Move, Give”, the four main ideas behind Tinkatolli pushing the kids not only to build recycled toys but to study, do some sport … etc, essential activities in order to progress in the game.

And because we think it’s a great gaming proposal for kids we thought you should know they’re raising funds via KS to finish their project. Only 5 days left so better spread the word fast

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