Ken gets angry

27 June 2011

Now is it really over Mr Carson? Really? As in seriously this time? Because… you’ve been quitting Barbie for the past let’s say…. 50 years? And let’s not talk about your closet truth.

But with one another great campaign for Greenpeace International (this time by by Passion Pictures & Blacknail’s debut direction) it surely looks Ken is serious about leaving her. Why?

Looks like Barbie has some personality disorders and visits Indonesia’s rainforest for some wild secret parties… with animals and everything!

Greenpeace are now targeting big toy mama Mattel because it seems they’re using Indonesian rainforest wood for Barbie’s packaging.  More specifically Mattel uses paper packaging for the world’s most famous toy from Indonesia’s most notorious rainforest destroyer Asia Pulp and Paper (APP).

The big buzz is not only to raise concern but to act and send a letter to Mattel’s CEO (this way).. a viral campaign that Greenpeace has launched in 18 countries at the same time using social media (twitter, fb & youtube mainly) to spread the Barbie nasty word.

Ken's message to Barbie @ Mattel Headquarters - USA

On Twitter, as Greenpeace protesters were unfurling a giant banner from the roof of Mattel headquarters, the company tweeted from @BarbieStyle (53,400 followers): “After a 7-year break, I really need to update summer pictures of me and Ken! Collecting seashells on the beach to decorate a picture frame.” Since then: radio silence on a feed that normally features ten or more tweets a day.

Meanwhile, anyone searching for @barbie on Twitter would see such tweets as this one: “Yes, I participated in #Deforestation…how else am I supposed to heat the “Dream House”? #Barbie.”

Oh Barbie…. you used to be young and pretty… more photos this way.

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