Keep Portland weird

A weird Parisian Portland

24 April 2012

Why on earth would you be willing to visit Portland (being from a major European capital I mean), way better if they could just to come to us right?

So the Parisian mayor and the people @ Gaité lyrique thought… why not?  After Istanbul last September and previously Berlin in April, Portland finally invades Paris (starting today) for a good dose of musical, artistic and anti-conformist events.

If we obviate for a little while the Austin-inspired campaign that has seen thousands of stickers invading Portland’s streets for the past few years, the hype, the mainstreamness, the discussion whether it’s just a youth-only thingy and hasn’t really helped the local economy… the fact is that Portland is still considered by many one of the “weirdest” cities in the U.S., so spreading their cultural versatility across Europe is one of the best ways for us to discover the inner-Americanism (and an excuse to make some good $$$).

Keep Portland Weird compilation cover
yup, even a compilation for the occasion

5 nights of concerts and just as many of projections, lectures and talks…. so if we mention Yacht, Lifesavas or The Thermals + Jon Raymond, Vanessa Renwick or Trevor Solomon you may all of a sudden feel more tempted to visit the program about this not-so-big but not-so-small city. More info this way Parisians.

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