Katherine Waugh

Sylvère Lotringer @ The Showroom, May 28

27 May 2016

Sylvère Lotringer and invited guests will be presenting ‘Artaud on the Beach’ at London’s The Showroom on May 28.

Organised by Katherine Waugh, the weekend event will be celebrating the English translation of the LA-based semiotext(e) publisher’s book Mad Like Artaud. The afternoon session will feature a “dramatic reading” of the central part of the “schizoanalytic docufiction” —a 1980s interview with the founder of the ‘Theatre of Cruelty’ and avant-garde philosopher’s  Rodez asylum psychiatrist Dr. Jacques Latrémolière.

The announcement of the event, which will be interspersed with performances and interventions, comes accompanied by an excerpt from philosopher and semiotext(e)/Foreign Agents series contributor Gilles Deleuze’s ‘The Logic of Sense’, questioning the madness of abstract thought and a philosopher’s responsibility as its inheritor: “Are we to become the professionals who give talks on these topics?”

See The Showroom website for details.**

Sylvere Lotringer and Katherine Waugh. Photo by Pieternel Vermoortel.
Sylvère Lotringer + Katherine Waugh (2013). Photo by Pieternel Vermoortel. Courtesy SLG, London.
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