Katherine Botten

Tell Me What You Have… @ Dissect Journal, Aug 17 – 21

15 August 2016

The Tell Me What You Have and I Will Know What You Are group exhibition and launch of Dissect Journal 3 is happening in an Airbnb in Melbourne, opening August 17 and running to August 21.

Curated by Audrey Schmidt, the show features work by Anastasia Klose, Body by Body, Callan Bradley Hales, Cristine Brache, Eleanor Ivory Weber, Hana Earles, James Ferraro, Karen Finley, Katherine Botten, Katie West, Monica’s Gallery, Natasha Madden, Phebe Schmidt, Quintessa Matranga, Rare Candy, Ruth O’Leary and Tanja Ostojic.

The curatorial focus brings work together that responds to ‘the body’ as vessel, commodity, collective, institutional, and embodiment. The show will take place in a holiday rental room, a quasi lived-in space that merges public and private spheres.

See the FB page for more details.**

Karen Finley, 'Sext Me If You Can,' installation view, New Museum. Courtesy of the artist and Travis Chamberlain, New Museum.
Karen Finley, ‘Sext Me If You Can,’ installation view, New Museum. Courtesy of the artist and Travis Chamberlain, New Museum.
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I Miss You Already 2 @ Mathew Gallery, Aug 1

31 July 2015

Mathew Gallery NYC will be presenting a poetry reading by Harry Burke and Hamishi Farah titled I Miss You Already 2 and taking place at the New York space on August 1.

The poetry reading brings together writer and poet (and Artists Space Assistant Curator and Web Editor) Harry Burke with Australian artist Hamishi Farah.

The event also invites the participation of a handful of others, including poet and artist Katherine Botten, Croatian poet Ana Bozičević, artist Whitney Claflin, Canadian writer, editor and curator Tess Edmonson, artist, writer, musician, and curator Devin Kenny, and artist Deanna Havas.

See the event page for details. **

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