Julien Regnard


1 July 2011

We don’t talk much about Belgian animation (mayb too much about French, Brit & Spaniard…) but we’ve heard about La Cambre before, and it’s always nice to see recent-graduate’s work. Julien Regnard just uploaded his latest works to his vimeo account; and it seems like Neo was a bit of a parkour wannabe… he just didn’t “study & drink enough milk”, that’s the secret!

His previous “La Nuit de l’Ours” which he created with Pascal Giraud & Alexis Fradier grabbed quite a lot of attention this year not only being part of Annecy’s official selection but winning Anima’s best short film award or “Court Mais Bon” Jury award.

His water-colour & paint on glass aesthetics (using many times the French software TVpaint) are key for these results, and we really hope to see more. Much more.

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