Jordan Hemenway

Nitronic Rush becomes Distance

29 October 2012

Just over a year ago we learned about that group of Singaporian-based students who had won the “Excellence in technology” award from the Chinese edition of the Independent Games Festival for that neon-deadly world filled with racing cars: Nitronic Rush.

Distance artwork(image via Refract)
Distance artwork(image via Refract)

After a more than successful launch, part of that team have created their own studio (Refract) and decided to continue developing those deadly races in what they consider a spiritual successor to NR: Distance.

On top of the features already existent on NR, Distance adds the much-demanded multiplayer possibility and many more variations for you to explore the world or even create your own levels as Distance will be adding a Level editor and modding tools.

But… (there’s always a but) Refract need €€€ or $$$, so they’ve launched their own Kickstarter campaign to try and raise $125 K by mid-November.

Not an easy task, but because we’re always in need of more adrenaline, speed and Utopian worlds we thought you may want to give them a little dollar or two, just like us. More info this way.

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