Jonna Lee

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16 May 2011

Now who do we have┬áhere….? It’s our good old friend Jonna Lee! And far from letting the iamwhoami fever disappear she’s gonna try and exploit her golden egg laying goose as long as it takes (and survives). After nearly half a year since her last video (and great live-recorded concert) streamed on-line, the Swedish electro-pop project is back with more.

Quite evident they have many more resources for producing pieces like this one. But somethings never change… Jonna & friends are still obsessed with their underwear men army, that and the many more symbolisms that cached our eye on the first series… a very clean but modern baroque style with sexual & political messages all over.

Uploaded yesterday and already 20K youtube views, ahhhh how many artists wished to have this success. These Swedish have understood it all, and now they’re going to exploit it. We’ll follow of course ­čśë

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Iamwhoammi in concert @ towhomitmayconcern

15 November 2010

Oh look! Jonna Lee & friends (plus the German lucky volunteer) will be on concert tonite! So in a few hours (midnight EST, 23:01 here in London) they’ll very probably publish a link which shall be available for 6 hours so pretty much the whole world can see them. Excited?

And now finally that the king, the queen & the knight are dead and the virginal white & metallic paraphernalia carefully wrapped up in foil paper for more than 9 months is coming to an end…. we still have many, several, loads of doubts left regarding The Bounty Dilemma & Jonna Lee’s most experimental iamamiwhoami project.

It’s been the talk of the blog-music town month after month, week after week… each time they released a new single & video, boom, hundreds of thousands of visits. A successful viral phenomena that seems to finally come to an end in a couple of weeks, when they’ll be giving a concert. Where? No-one really knows, most think it will be streamed on-line (and that would be the most logical way of doing it given the essence & nature of the whole project). Others say it will be in an undisclosed venue in Sweden… maybe even London… maybe if you get to decode their latest set of numbers you’ll figure it out… maybe.

What shall we see? What shall we listen to? ┬áThat’s the best kept secret for the Swedish band. Enjoy if you plug yourself in, we will.

How many people are jealous of the bowl haircut? I guess pretty much everyone, because a couple of days ago the famous “volunteer” Jonna & co where looking for was unveiled (tehhils couldn’t finally make it… seems like a visa problem), but Shootupthestation is up for it! Regardless of the rather abstract & circus “coolish” questionnaire over the telephone, we’re all hoping SUTS won’t have to dress-up with tin foil. Congratulations mr.

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1 July 2010

Music: n

4 June 2010

The Nordic witch is back for more. And we’re captivated enough to keep talking about Jonna Lee’s iamamiwhoami mystery series. This time called “n”, another profusion of forest magic.

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Music: u-1

4 May 2010

Jonna Lee & Co can’t stop releasing these aesthetically perfect & mysterious vids for their iamamiwhoami project can they? The problem is that we’ve been playing this “guess who i am” game for too long, and their cryptograms & masks are now boring…

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