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ArtBasel 2012

16 June 2012

Switzerland is just around the corner, so take your little European car and drive a few km to get to Basel this weekend, the village that hosts one of the best international contemporary art fairs... and it ends on Sunday so better hurry!

One of the works exhibited by Brazilian Gallery A Gentil Carioca
One of the works exhibited by Brazilian Gallery A Gentil Carioca

Not just for those 300+ galleries from all across the globe but for the tons of other activities and events happening at the same time during the weekend, like the presentation of Alison Klayman’s feature-length film on three years in the life of Ai Weiwei or our locally admired Madrilian artist Santiago Sierra talking this Sunday in Arte Povera Today.

Birgit Jürgenssen - Ohne Titel (Selbst mit Schädel) - Untitled (Self with Skull) (Galerie Hubert Winter)
Birgit Jürgenssen – Ohne Titel (Selbst mit Schädel) – Untitled (Self with Skull) (Galerie Hubert Winter)

Not included in the featured list this year but JLG will be present too and a very curated 18-artist program for this year which includes Alex Gross, Brett Amory REVOK or Victor Castillo…

Maybe you should think about moving to Switzerland from now on, not Zurich, not Lausanne.. but Basel just for their summer Art events. The rest of the art program… this way please.

Francesca Woodman - Untitled, New York (Galerie Hubert Winter)
Francesca Woodman – Untitled, New York (Galerie Hubert Winter)
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8 March 2012

What are you capable of doing to celebrate you’ve become one of the most influential New York (and American) gallerists? Grab a Poooooooooo suit and (break?)dance to the rythm of your own beatbox sounds, you’re only getting a book about your gallery being published after all.

“Street art 2 the gallery” democratiser and wise profit-maker  LeVine just got a 252-page book with a compilation of photos, more photos, great photos, many features, interviews & a nice biography on LeVine’s life from his early years as an independent curator to present-day gallerist: “the backstory that brought this punk kid from Trenton, NJ, to the hallowed gallery walls of Chelsea.”

Delusional - Jonathan LeVine's book cover
Delusional - Jonathan LeVine's book cover

He has indeed welcomed some of the biggest street art & pop names worldwide in his Manhattan gallery over the past 7 years, and we think he’s just getting started. What started in New Hope and is now in NYC may very well cross the pond and open a 2nd gallery somewhere else in the States right? Move to Beijing if not!

A 35$ and highly recommended overview of the “artists’ gallerist” which will be presented at his own gallery this Saturday from 3-5 pm. More info on the book or event this way, images here and on his fb avid consumers! (oh and apparently this is one of several videos to promote the book so… maybe more Laa-Laa & Teletubbie dancing to come?).

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Last day for Hybrid Thinking @ Jonathan Levine

10 February 2012

Hopefully not too late to remind you there’s only one day left @ New York’s Jonathan Levine gallery to visit the Wooster Collective curated group exhibition “Hybrid Thinking” (along with Natalia Fabia’s Punk Rock if you’re willing too of course).

Roa  - Untitled (Image by Jonathan Levine Gallery)
Roa - Untitled (Image by Jonathan Levine Gallery)

One day  (and one special afternoon closing party from 3pm) to (re)visit those “six preeminent emerging artists” that WC members Marc + Sara Schiller chose for their instinctive representations of our relationship with nature. Nothing too “bio” we can tell you, the London omnipresent ROA (Belgian originally) has mad a tremendous effort to fit one of his large scale murals into a wooden cupboard.

Worth visiting only for such animal representation (who’ll profit this last day to sell his new, and rather expensive, book by Mammal Press), but you’ll be delighted to discover other great works by Argentinian Hyuro or Spanish Vinz. DO NOT miss it!, More info this way.

Vinz - Dinner for two (Image by Jonathan Levine Gallery)
Vinz - Dinner for two (Image by Jonathan Levine Gallery)
Roa  - Untitled detail (Image by Jonathan Levine Gallery)
Roa - Untitled detail (Image by Jonathan Levine Gallery)
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Mosh Pit Paintings @ Jonathan Levine – NYC

30 June 2011

Aaaand another 1-month only exhibition for … New York! Our friend Dan Witz & his photorealistic fights will have its own space @ the New York Jonathan LeVine Gallery.

70 commercial street. © Dan Witz

“Mosh Pits, Human and Otherwise” features large-scale oil paintings from Witz’s celebrated Mosh Pit series—produced over the past ten years—marking the first time works in this series have be exhibited together in a solo show.

This Chicagoan now occupying some Brooklyn space has been elaborating for over 30 years (he was one of the pioneers of the street art movement… and still very active, see his latest work on the video below). 30 years of worldwide success and illegal (other) makings…. the pleasures of being recognized not only by the critic… but also by the collector’s pockets.

ABC No Rio 2011 © Dan Witz

What can we say about one of the most prolific American artists that you don’t already know? Just go and visit it will you? More info on his facebook event page.

Lotus Lounge big 2010 © Dan Witz

(his last year’s latest street art project: WHAT THE %$#@? (WTF) )

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