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John @ The Sunday Painter, Apr 2 – May 3

31 March 2015

The Sunday Painter is bringing an inaugural four-artist exhibition titled John to its newly renovated London space, where it will run from April 2 to May 3.

The London gallery welcomes four different artists to take part in the group show John. From the UK, there are London artists Hannah Lees, who recently participated in a website art commission for OPENYOURKIMONO, and David Musgrave, who has exhibited at Tate Britain and appears as part of MoMA’s collection in New York.

Lees and Musgrave are joined by Polish artist Piotr Lakomy, who showed previously at The Sunday Painter with a solo show titled Life Size Shadow in the summer of 2013, as well as US artist Allyson Vieira.

See the exhibition page for details. **

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16 May 2011

Now who do we have here….? It’s our good old friend Jonna Lee! And far from letting the iamwhoami fever disappear she’s gonna try and exploit her golden egg laying goose as long as it takes (and survives). After nearly half a year since her last video (and great live-recorded concert) streamed on-line, the Swedish electro-pop project is back with more.

Quite evident they have many more resources for producing pieces like this one. But somethings never change… Jonna & friends are still obsessed with their underwear men army, that and the many more symbolisms that cached our eye on the first series… a very clean but modern baroque style with sexual & political messages all over.

Uploaded yesterday and already 20K youtube views, ahhhh how many artists wished to have this success. These Swedish have understood it all, and now they’re going to exploit it. We’ll follow of course 😉

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