Johann Tael


9 December 2012

Like Joseph Berstein reports on KS, it is a discovery indeed. After 3 years in the making and a highly praised public beta last October, the team @ Teleglitch finally released their dark sci-fi story a couple of weeks ago…

Johann, Mihkel & Edvin have managed to come up with this top-down shooter which shall teleport all of us into the future of humanity, you know… one of those cold worlds where big bad corporations control our world and exploit most human beings.

In Teleglitch that big bad corp is called Miliary Technology Incorporated (aka Militech), who happen to be specialized in necrotic tissue reactivation and nonhuman combatants (zombies, cloned battle organisms, robots etc) and have one of those outer space colonies where they experiment with forbidden things, and logically, things go bad …. and you have to survive.



And while the story may not seem like a novelty… the gameplay and variety of choices throughout the 10 randomly-generated maps is extremely fun, so besides being able to download the demo for free with the first 4 levels, there’s a much juicier option to get the last other 6… and that’s to pay 10€. More info this way.

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