POORgrrrl, PITIPARTI EP release, Jul 22

22 July 2016

POORgrrrl is releasing debut EP, PITIPARTI via Milan’s Parachute Records on July 22.

It’s a four-track collection of Miami-based artist Tara Long’s work thus far, features rapper JENEE on SUPER RUDE‘ and precedes a full-length album set for release in the near future. POORgrrrl’s nascent musical output is promising as seen last December at ICA Miami‘s Opening Night After Party for Art Week where she played with XL Recordings artist Shamir.

POORgrrrl is the culmination of Long’s “worst dreams and best nightmares” who “challenges viewers and listeners with convoluted lyrics and a lo-fi ‘fuck it’ demeanor”, presenting an “alternative personality to pop culture, appropriating it where she must”.

Her 2015 music video release ‘Triptic‘ “ignited a debate amongst YouTube and Reddit users over the artistic validity of the work”. Critics described the video as ‘garbage’, while others used hash tags such as #hatersdontgetit and #futureofmusic to describe it. The confusion is purposeful. POORgrrrl’s sound is a much-needed voice —that’s refreshingly not so much reliant on the body.

See Parachute Record’s bandcamp for more details.**

POORgrrrl, ‘SUPER RUDE (feat. Jenee)’ (2016). Courtesy Parachute records, Milan.

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