Jeans Team


20 December 2011

2 years ago, as part of an advertisement deal Berlin band Jeans Team came up with a rather unconventional initiative: give away hundreds of jackets to people who live on the streets in Berlin. “1000 Bomberjäckchen” was born and became a charity project to give bomber jackets to homeless people.

The action was mediated by Vice magazine & Vodafone and generated some controversy as the line between advertising / PR & NGO was too thin to distinguish the real objective of the movement. Jeans Team decided to go for bombers as these extremely warm military jackets were the perfect clothing for people who are outside most of the time and live under extreme circumstances.

JEANS TEAM “Bomberjäeckchen” ALK 2 – 2/2. The Remixes by ALKOMERZ

Now the Berliners are back to release the 2nd part of their “Bomberjaeckchen” maxi single with remixes by Marc Acardipane and Rework, and for that… there’s no better way to promote it than including some nudism in the video… there’s no better clothing than a good sprayed bomber jacket after all…

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