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Inside Moebius

6 November 2009

Moebius (Jean Giraud) visited Madrid yesterday to present for the first time his most intimate & mentally masturbated work: “Inside”. A trip to Moebius’ personal state of mind when he decides to leave such an inspirational “tool” as it’s the marihuana; told through his different alter egos and most beloved characters (Blueberry, Arzak, Mayor Fatal…).


“Inside Moebius” has been translated for the first time into a foreign language probably because Spain has become one of the few markets where Jean Giraud can sell a few “hundred” copies of his Moebius-signed BDs without needing huge promotion (no expectation around the Fnac that day, we were only around 200 in the room). A problem which affects the whole European comic industry, in the same way Jean Giraud defended the arrival of Manga to Europe years ago, now accepts that they’ve just simply invaded us with a consume-not-collect mentality.

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