21 October 2012

It’s inevitable for us not to compare the just appeared trailer for JazzPunk, a new “spy-berpunk adventure comedy”, with the critically acclaimed Gravity Bone series (read our interview with Brendon Chung). A cardboard vintage and logorama-looking trailer for a story which is willing to drink from the recent success of TFOL and all that romantic “spy without guns” trend.

We have to admit that despite the obvious similarities (even on the typo side) the game Luis Hernandez & Jess Brouse (aka Necrophone Games) are preparing looks rather … sexy. Appealing, maybe because none of us had enough with GB & TFOL, and we’re willing to see a wider, bigger world to explore in JazzPunk, with an impossibly surreal atmosphere and a great soundtrack.

From what it looks so far (and unfortunately we don’t have many more details) JP has a few more interactive components and enemies, and we’re dying to use that magnetic-field creator weapon… and all that jazz.

“As Agent Polyblank, you’ll explore a variety of retro-futuristic locations, and perform all manner of gadget-driven capers. The tone of the game is cartoon cyberpunk; dense technology-infused locales, dripping with a fresh coat of colour and humour”.

JazzPunk screenshot

A few more image stills & their previous games this way.

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