Jasper Byrne

Lone Survivor

3 April 2012

It doesn’t have to look pixelated and have an “indie” label on it to look good these days, just add an adobe photoshop filter to your whole game concept art (in this case Patchwork)¬†and you’re set!. Although… in the case of Jasper Byrne who’s been working on Lone Survivor for quite a looong number of years, and whose artwork hasn’t changed that much (unlike its name) over the course of the decade, we’ll think it’s more than just a mere filter.

Lone Survivor screenshot
Lone Survivor screenshot

Lone Survivor (which came out last Tuesday) is about “You”, a masked protagonist who’s got to scape from a city ravaged by disease… but is not only about fighting zombies and monsters … but “You’s” own hallucinations as he starts to see things when tired & exhausted. The game mode are much for the player to choose as “You” can either be a tough fighter always on drugs to stay awake… or a silent assassin playing stealth mode, either way you’ll have to take care of your mental health, your most valuable survival tool.

The best thing of all is that while the game is priced @ $10 (super deluxe edition @ $50), you can play the demo on-line, which gives you a great idea of the anguishing atmosphere a pixeled came can have. Ahhhh we were missing the arrows….

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