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ALL TOGETHER NOW! Party @ Breese Little, Jul 9

8 July 2014

Breese Little gallery is hosting a summer exhibition and party called ALL TOGETHER NOW! at their London space on July 9.

The exhibition –which officially opens on July 10 and runs until August 9 –features a diverse body of work represented by almost 20 artists, some of which are highlighted in Breese Little’s Year in Review 2013-2014 catalogue.

Included in the exhibition line-up are the cosmic canvases of Mehreen Murtaza, the striking photographs of Jan Kempenaers, disturbing universes created by the visions of Jan Manski, and the incredible abstract canvases created by Benjamin Cohen‘s mix of computer collage and classic painting.

See the Breese Little exhibition page for details. **

Jan Manski, installation view. Image courtesy Breese Little.
Jan Manski, installation view. Image courtesy Breese Little.
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Jan Kempenaers @ Breese Little

10 June 2013

Antwerp-based photographer Jan Kempenaers is presenting his first London solo show at Breese Little, opened Tuesday, June 6 and running Wednesday, June 12 to Saturday, July 13. Featuring his famous Spomenik series of photographs taken of Soviet WWII monuments across the Balkans in former Yugoslavia, his images present a dystopian future, grimly offset by its awe-inspiring natural surroundings and the degenerating effects of time.

In a feature exploring ‘failed utopias’, Halciion looked at idealistic modernist architecture and its disappointments in the face of time and reality, while drawing parallels with the contemporary nostalgia for the hopefulness that the future once represented. Kempenaers work comes as close as your going to get at representing that very failure. See the Breese Little website for more details. **

Jan Kempenaers, 'Hotel Haludovo' (2010).
Jan Kempenaers, ‘Hotel Haludovo’ (2010).
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