How do we grow to understand and view ourselves amidst the socialisation of our bodies? Re-presenting CUNT at The Laundry, Oct 4 – Oct 28

4 October 2017

The CUNT group exhibition at London’s The Laundry opens October 4 and is running to October 28.

Exploring and “re-presenting the word ‘cunt,’ its histories, contests and associated themes,” the show features work by Ahaad Alamoudi, Dafy Hagai, Jameson, Georgina Johnson, Giulia Tomasello and Sophie Rawlingson.

The exhibition aims to open up a progressive discussion that “critically examines the way women have grown to understand and view themselves amidst the socialisation of their bodies.” The Laundry is an arts curation space run collaboratively by and for women and BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) artists.

Visit The Laundry website for details.**

Ahaad Alamoudi, ‘Receptor’ Website screenshot. Courtesy the artist.
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Notodofilmfest 10th edition

22 November 2011

It’s taken them a while but Notodo have finally put up the details for the 10th edition of their famous short film festival. And if you’ve been waiting, then you better have prepared a good script for the film you’re about to submit… you have until January 14th for your work to be considered for the big X edition.

A 10th anniversary has to be celebrated (even if for a second we feared they wouldn’t have budget for this year’s edition given the tough times…) and so the jury this year includes the festival founder Javier Fesser or terror series REC director Jaume Balagueró.

Similar prizes as last year (with new sponsored additions)….

The Jury Grand Prize for the Best Film (10,000 € plus an internship with Canal 7 in Jalisco (Mexico)), the Jury Prize for the Best Triple Distillation Film (2,000 €), an award for the Best Documentary (2K€), Best Animated film (2K€), Best Actor, Actress and a series of old & new sponsored prizes (All prizes details this way).

The rules & conditions haven’t changed neither…

Basically open to everyone (despite the apparent Spanish-speaking dominance) over 18 who’s willing to submit an original film (never been released before); that can be up to 20 Mb and it cannot last longer than three and a half minutes (including the initial and final screens). This does not mean that the short has to necessarily last 3 min 30 sec; this figure is only the maximum time that it can last. If you go for the Triple Distillation category, it must last exactly 30 seconds, including screens, not one second more or less.

That’s pretty much all you need to know, but there’s a few other details you may be willing to know (on their page), so now it’s up to you… and good luck of course!

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