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The Involuted Submergent

30 September 2009
The Involuted Submergent - JRoper
The Involuted Submergent – JRoper

James Roper is one of those artists whose paintings & drawings can’t go unnoticed. He graduated at the Manchester Metropolitan University, city where he lives and works right now. But James is not a simple illustrator, his list of works and art go from sculpture or film-scripting to some more experimental concepts.

┬áHe’s a master in color & space manipulation and inspires himself from a variety of sources such as fashion
magazines, animation stills, comics, the Internet as well as my own photo’s and drawings. He “chooses images and tries to create forms which he then registers as a visual ‘peak shift’, a term given to the phenomena of ‘neurological attraction’ that appears in both humans and animals to an extreme characterization of an object.

From the rupture series…

Exit Vehicle 1 (rupture series J.Rper)
Exit Vehicle (rupture series J.Rper)

Or from the “Rapture” Series…

J.Roper - The Ecstasy of Sophia Rossi
J.Roper – The Ecstasy of Sophia Rossi

don’t these last two drawings from the “Rapture” series remind you (a lot) from Zach Johnsen’s “Caffes”???

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