Jake Cooper

Jack Cooper’s Cape Clear

20 November 2012

Last year Mazes’ guitarist & songwriter Jack Cooper decided to launch his “Art is cheap” project asking people with song titles, guitar parts, drum beats… so he would then write, home-record and deliver each song for £10. He didn’t become rich… but still earned a few £££ with over 30 pieces (although he selected half for his collection).

From “cheap” songs to recording albums in 24 hours, as in “Cape Clear“, his new adventure he’ll be spending the whole day of tomorrow (21st Nov) creating, mixing and delivering a new piece of sound.

As he puts it himself: The rules I’ve set myself is that the record will be written and recorded over a 24 hour period and for some synergy it’ll be available to buy and listen to the following day. I’ve been reading a lot recently about sleep and its 5 stages so the music I intend to make will reflect those 5 stages… music that you could perhaps listen to whilst asleep or at least on the verge. It’ll be mainly improvised, based around drones and loops.

One day later the album shall be available on bandcamp (as in… Thursday)… and we’ll get to judge if all those improvisations and somnolent decisions made for a coherent experiment. More info this way … and how about streaming it next time?

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