Jack Strange

TRU LUV @ Turf, May 28 – Jun 27

28 May 2015

The latest group show from Turf, titled Tru Luv, will run at the London space from May 28 until June 27.

The group exhibition brings together a handful of artists, including Jack Strange and Holly Hendry, for a collaborative exhibition that examines the value of love in contemporary art and the ethical implications of employing intimacy in the production of art.

The featured works have all been “fuelled by love, whether that be affectionate, familial, religious or romantic love”. The inevitable question is what hasn’t been inspired by some form of love, in some abstract way or another.

The exhibition also extends to an offsite work by Josh Whitaker titled ‘Ti Amo’ and a commissioned text by Alex Brenchley titled ‘Who Cares?’, as well as a series of limited edition silkscreen prints by Turf and the In Close Up publication by John Messenbird, and will accompanied by a programme of workshops, talks, and events throughout its duration.

See the exhibition page for details. **

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Los Pistachios Big Meal / Big Deal exhibition online now

13 October 2014

Curatorial project Los Pistachios is presenting their first online project, titled Big Meal / Big Deal and available for viewing on their website.

The unshaped curatorial project has put together the web-based show, inviting a handful of artists to contribute to what will become regular updates running alongside Los Pistachios’ offsite exhibitions and gallery events.

The works featured in the digital exhibition include a video from Juliette Bonneviot, a moving image from Stefano Calligaro, as well as a poem from Vanessa Safavi, a series of photographs by Alice Tomaselli, and pieces from Jack Strange and Pedro Wirz.

Visit the Los Pistachos website to view the exhibition. **


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Flora, Fauna @ KINMAN, Feb 27 – Mar 30

27 February 2014

Group exhibition Flora, Fauna is showing at London’s KINMAN, opening February 27 and closing March 30.

Featuring Rebecca Ackroyd, Celia Hempton, Paul Kneale, Andrew Mealor, Hannah Perry, Neil Rumming and Jack Strange, there’s not much to go on in terms of an exhibition brief except for its title. So in terms of how each artist approaches these biological categorisations of animal versus plant life, you’ll have to go and see for yourself.

Read a recent interview with Paul Kneale and see the KINMAN gallery website for details. **

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‘No one lives here’ @ RCA reviewed

No One Lives Here. Planetarity
21 March 2013

At the entrance of No one lives here, the latest exhibition by MA Curating students from the Royal College of Art, is a research display focused on the Pionen White Mountain Data Centre based near Stockholm, Sweden. Three-dimensional renderings, alongside a short film, show how unique this converted bunker space appears, juxtaposed as it is with plants, geometric glass offices and whirring computer servers. It’s everything a James Bond villain could wish for and as the architect Albert France-Lanord explains in an interview, deliberately so.  Its over-sized doors made to look secure, its sci-fi aesthetic designed to draw clients in closer to a vision of the future.

Pionen White Mountain Data Centre. Image courtesy of Albert France-Lanord Architects. Photo by Åke E-son Lindman.
Pionen White Mountain Data Centre. Image courtesy of Albert France-Lanord Architects. Photo by Åke E-son Lindman.

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