Isaac Julien

Network Pessimism @ LUX Salon, Dec 15

14 December 2015

LUX Salon brings a new event titled Network Pessimism. Welcome to the New Dark Age! with screenings from Louis Henderson and Isaac Julien, followed by a conversation between Henderson and Zach Blas at its London location on December 15.

The evening of “utopian speculation on the possibility of alternatives to the ‘networked state of mind'” features screenings of Henderson’s two most recent works—’All That Is Solid’ (2014) and ‘Black Code/Code Noir’ (2015)—which offer “materialist readings of the internet and digital technologies to reveal certain sedimented processes of exploitation”.

Alongside Henderson’s films will be Julien’s early super 8 film, ‘Who Killed Colin Roach?’ (1983), which despite being shot in the 80s documents the protests following the death of a black man in police custody as though it were made yesterday. The screenings are followed by a conversation with Henderson and artist and writer Blas on network pessimism and “the potential of the ‘paranodal'”.

See the event page for details. **

ALL THAT IS SOLID – TRAILER from louis henderson on Vimeo.

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