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Total Control ‘Sweaty’ video.

Total Control. Photo by Zephyr Pavey.
4 March 2013

Following up their album debut Henge Beat, where¬†Total Control married their punk and hardcore roots with fresh forays into analogue synths and primitive techno, the Australian band has delved further into the existential fog of its subject matter with this video featuring a new track ‘Sweaty’. And rather than using the monotone growl of frontman Daniel Stewart, this one has the slanted vocal of Al Montfort to keep it company as it careers through the raw noise darkness.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, TC members Mikey Young and James Vinciguerra have spliced off into a new electronic project Lace Curtain, while they and the rest of Total Control are embarking on tour of the US in May. For those unlucky enough to be located on the other side of the Atlantic, there’s a digital compilation of all their early 7-inches available on their band camp.**

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